28 August 2021 AGM


OFNZ AGM 2021 Agenda

Member Letter outlining Constitutional Changes:

Member letter 26 July 2021, AGM’21 incl Constitutional Changes etc

Constitution Amendments 2021 Final

Budget Forecast 2021-22

Financial Report YE 31 March 2021 – AGM

OFNZ Regional Reports AGM 2021

AOB Item – National Certification Manager – Arthur Dixon

Can you please tender an apology if you are unable to attend.  Your NCC rep email addresses for apologies are here:
  • Auckland – Brendan Hoare   E:
  • Waikato – Jon Russell  E:
  • Coromandel – Korby Poschl
  • Bay of Plenty- Jim Bennett  E:
  • Hawkes Bay / Gisborne – Marion Thomson  E:
  • South West North Island – Barbara Harford
  • Wairarapa – Paula Allen  E:
  • Canterbury – Alvina Murphy  E:
  • Otago – Clinton Chambers  E:


2020 AGM

Held via Zoom

OFNZ AGM 2020 Minutes

2019 AGM

Was held at Saint Andrews Centre, Wellington

AGM 2019 Minutes

2018 AGM

Was held at the St Columba Centre in Ponsonby Auckland on 28 July 2018.

OFNZ AGM 2018 Minutes (to be approved next AGM)

2017 AGM

Was held on 29 July at St Johns in the City, Wellington City.

OFNZ AGM 2017 Minutes

2016 AGM

Was held on Saturday 16 July at the Abbeville Estate near Auckland Airport.  The AGM was held on the same day as Soil & Health Assn of NZ Inc and BioGro Society.  A NCC meeting followed on from the AGM.


2015 AGM

2015’s annual meeting was held on Friday 26 June at Alexandra Park, Auckland.   Holding the AGM at the earlier date meant that attendees could also be present for the BioGro and Soil & Health Assn’s AGMs which were also being held at the same venue.  The Friday included a discussion on the proposed motion that in principle : that Soil & Health NZ Inc. consult with BioGro Society and other stakeholders as appropriate, and that a project proceed to develop work streams and undertake consultation as required to progress any proposal to rationalise or combine activities with an intent to merge and any proposals that result to be put to the vote at a general meeting.

Thank you to all members who attended the AGM and contributed to the discussions.



2014 AGM

The annual meeting and OFNZ conference was held on Saturday 5th July 2014 at The Green Living Show, ASB Showgrounds.  Holding the AGM at the earlier date meant that attendees could also be present for the BioGro and Soil & Health Assn’s AGMs which were also being held at the same venue.  The Saturday included Brendan Hoare as Guest Speaker. The AGM began at 10am, leaving plenty of time for those in attendance to enjoy all which the Green Living Show had to offer.

Thank you to all members who attended the AGM and contributed to the discussions.


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2013 AGM

The annual meeting and OFNZ conference was held on Saturday 24th August 2013 at Te Rito Gardens, 5 Hassell Road, Porirua.  The Saturdayincluded Guest Speakers Steffan Browning and Accounting Consultants Wayne Campbell and Leigh-Ann Powell from Accounts Online. The day included an opportunity for the attendees to walk around Te Rito Gardens / Eco Seeds.

The AGM began at 3.15pm and was followed by an afternoon tea which was supplied by Accounts Online.

Thank you to Te Rito Gardens and to Wai Organics for hosting the event and thank you to all the members who attended to help make the day a success.


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2012 AGM

OFNZ conference and AGM

The annual meeting and conference of Organic Farm NZ was held at the Lincoln Events Centre  Christchurch on the 11 & 12 August 2012. The Saturday included keynote speaker Bob Crowder, a tour of the BHU gardens, and speakers on topics including psyllid research, breeding potatoes organically, and large- and small-scale organic farming in Canterbury.

The AGM began at 3.30 pm and was be followed by a dinner. The Sunday featured a visit to Bob Crowder’s urban organic garden, then Opawa Farmers’ Market.

Thank you to the Christchurch Regional group for supporting the AGM and than you to all the members who attended and who contributed to make the weekend such a success.

The election details of the NCC meeting held at the AGM.

To record:

  • Sean Wilson       Chairperson
  • No deputy required
  • Sandra Donley   Secretary
  • Paul Hamilton     Treasurer



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2011 AGM

Date: 9th July 2011
Location: Kaipatiki Restoration Project Hall, 17 Lauderdale Rd, Birkdale, North Shore, Auckland.

Speakers and discussions, led by OFNZ members, included:

1. Organics Online: Update us on the situation of ‘Organics Online’, a web-based ‘pay-and-go’ organic certification that is based in Taranaki. A complaint has been lodged with the Commerce Commission.

2. Tomato/Potato Psyllid: Information about the potato/tomato psyllid, that poses a serious threat to both commercial production of important vegetable crops, and also to home gardeners and their ability to produce the traditional staple home-grown foods, potatoes and tomatoes. Jim Bennett (OFNZ BOP) has produced a questionnaire to gather information from organic farmers about this, – Read more and participate in our organic farmer questionnaire

3. Processor Certification: Discussion about OFNZ certifying processors. Pros and cons, and making it work.

4. OANZ (Organics Aotearoa NZ): Update us about recent OANZ meetings and the state of play for our national organics umbrella group.

5. OFNZ – our future?: OFNZ is a member-owned organisation, founded on member participation so as to provide a robust scheme for a very low fee.  OFNZ will flourish provided all members engage in the overall process. Failing to do so will leave OFNZ vulnerable to decline. So what does our future hold?

– – – – – – – – – – – –

2010 AGM

Date: Saturday 28th August, with meeting continuing on Sunday 29th
Location: Silverdale Scout Hall, Masters Ave, Hamilton

Thanks to the Waikato Regional group for offering support for this event to again be held in Hamilton.
Thanks to all members who attended and who contributed to make the weekend such a success.
Thanks also to those members who helped with logistics and meals!

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2009 AGM

Date: Saturday 8th August
Hamilton City Gardens

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2008 AGM

Saturday 2nd August
Civic Centre, Mosgiel (Dunedin), Otago

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2007 AGM

Saturday 21st July
Unitec, Carrington Road, Auckland

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2006 AGM

Saturday 30th September
Seven Oaks Campus, CPIT, Opawa, Christchurch

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2005 AGM