Below is a full list of the OFNZ documentation.

Work was done during 2010 to update these documents.
Members are invited to submit suggested updates for any OFNZ document at any time to the NCC.


1.Foundation Documents
These docs are primarily for use by NCC, Certification Managers and Auditors, and are not put on the public website page.

OrganicFarmNZ Constitution

– OFNZ – Compliance Procedures v2010 (pdf)

OFNZ – Operational Guidelines v2010 (pdf)

Certification Managers

OFNZ – Certification Manager Manual v2010

OFNZ – Certification Manager Checklist v2010

OFNZ – Certificate Information for National Database


OFNZ – Auditor Training Guide

OFNZ – Auditor Training Accreditation Checklist

OFNZ – Auditor Checklist – Pods v2010

OFNZ – Auditor Checklist – Individuals v2010

OFNZ – Auditor Checklist – Processors v2010


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2. Member use
– The documents below are downloadable in Word Doc and/or PDF format from the public ‘Documentation’ page.
Access them from –

Producer Certification Forms

Property Management Plan

Property Management Plan for Processors

Restricted Inputs Application Form

Off-farm Inputs Schedule

Supplier Declaration Form

Producer Guidelines

Property Management Plan Guidelines

Hot Compost Guide


Pod Peer Review Checklist