Being Organic

There are lots of very good reasons to grow or buy organic produce. Organic production and processing are based on a number of principles and ideas that derive many benefits for both human health and the environment.

Benefits of organic

  1. It’s healthy
  2. No nasty additives
  3. Avoids pesticides
  4. GM-free
  5. Reliance on drugs removed
  6. No hidden costs
  7. High standards
  8. Care for animals
  9. Good for wildlife and the environment
  10. Top for taste

Farmers markets

Farmers markets are a good place to start – and, in many respects, mirrors nicely what OrganicFarmNZ is trying to achieve through its certification. Reasons to support farmers markets:

  1. Reduce food miles
  2. Support local producers
  3. Fresher produce
  4. They act as a showcase for local produce, educates customers – particularly in seasonality
  5. Keeps money within the local community
  6. Deal directly with the grower of the produce
  7. They help energise both farmers, communities and town centres
  8. They encourage diversity of production
  9. Quality – buy fresh picked, vine and tree ripened quality produce
  10. Cut out the middleman – this saves you money and improves returns for farmers

“Let the real food revolution grow!”