Regional Body

OrganicFarmNZ Waikato Inc. was established in 2002. Our vision is that all farming and gardening in New Zealand will be organic, and that all produce sold from organic farming and gardening will be certified as organic.

Our purpose is to pursue that vision by:

  • managing an organic certification scheme according to the standards and processes prescribed by OrganicFarmNZ
  • supporting farmers and gardeners to obtain organic certification
  • supporting farmers and gardeners to farm/garden organically


POD member: $350

Individual:  $750

Associate member: $35


NCC Rep: Caroline Rose

Chair: Jon Russell T: 027 600 6568; E: russellsorganics@gmail.com

Certification Manager:  Tom Bannister;  E: tombbusiness73@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Margaret McQuillan


Treasurer:  Rory Fogerty:  rory@permakai.nz

Secretary:  Janice Bell

Promotions & Marketing Manager:  Margaret McQuillan

Committee members: John Stanley, Murray Handley, Sarah Oliver

We have been providing ongoing training to our auditors and certification manager, and in the process have generated various documents which might help other regions in running training days and otherwise supporting their auditors and certification manager – view the documents here. Please feel free to contribute to this document through your regions or the NCC.