Upper North Island

Regional Body

OFNZ Upper North Island was created when Auckland and Far North joined forces in 2021. The main purpose of the Upper North Island region is to encourage, educate and expand organic growing in the area.

It is governed by and administered by a group elected by OFNZ members in the region.

Regular activities of the group include field trips, get-togethers, and newsletters. Contact the Chairperson if you are interested in attending events.


The Upper North Island region covers producers and processors from Auckland to Cape Reinga.


Regional fees for producers joining a pod is $300.

Fees for individual producers joining as an individual are $550.

Processor fees $550 (‘combos’ vary).

Associate Membership: $35.


Certification Manager: Tom Bannister:  tombbusiness73@gmail.com

Auditors: Bridget Henderson:  bridget.organicfarmnz@gmail.com

Chairperson:  Bridget Henderson:  bridey71@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Bob Uhe: r.uhe@xtra.co.nz (09) 426 3588

NCC Representative:  Brendan Hoare

Certification Committee Members:  Bob Uhe, Rene Archner, Brendan Hoare, Bridget Henderson

Enquiries: Please email the Chairperson