Regional Bodies

The role and function of the Regional Body has two main functions:

1. Organic Education: Increase the knowledge and practise of organic gardening and farming.
2. Organic Certification: Increase the number of properties that are certified organic.

National Coordinating Committee (NCC)

The role and function of the NCC is to provide direction and governance to the organisation. The NCC meets by teleconference every month.

The NCC consists of seven-nine individuals representing their regions’. NCC reps are elected by the grower members within the respective regions for a two-year term. Two reps must come from the South Island. South and North Island reps are elected in alternate years.

National Office

The role and function of the National Office is to:

1. Issue the certificates
2. Maintain a database of growers
3. Act as the organisational secretary
4. Coordinate national projects