Regional Body – Otago Organics

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Otago OrganicsOtago Organics was established in 2000.

The main purpose of Otago Organics is to:

  • Foster the growth of organics within Otago and Southland;
  • Deliver the OrganicFarmNZ certification scheme to all interested organic growers; and
  • Inform and educate the wider public on the benefits of growing and eating organic food.

We apply the most rigorous process of verification to ensure that our certified produce attains the highest possible standard within NZ, beginning with a complete soil residue testing regime through to detailed and transparent peer review and independent audit oversight.

A key feature is the networking and information swapping amongst our growers, helping everyone improve and learn.

We care about the food you eat and the environment you live in.

Otago Organics is administrated by the Chairman and regional pod leaders.

Regular activities of the group include:

* Training
* Advising growers
* Marketing (e.g. farmers markets, food and wine festivals)
* Networking amongst growers and interested persons


The Otago region covers producers from Clinton in the South, Wanaka to the West and Hampden and Waianakarua in the North.

We also provide certification in Southland.


* Regional fees for producers joining a pod are $375 – inclusive of membership and certification fees.
* Fees for producers joining as an individual is $425 – inclusive of membership and certification fees + audit costs.
* Associate or supporting members of the region pay $30.


Please contact the Liason Office or Certification Manager in the first instance.


Certification Manager: Irina Schruba.  021 98 77 38 or irina.schruba@gmail.com

Chairperson: Alice Baird. 027 42 65 8 62 or alice.kanuka@xtra.co.nz

Deputy Chairperson / Secretary: Dennis Enright. (03) 489 4020/022 678 4396 or  topveges@gmail.com

Auditor / NCC Rep – Pia Dickhaut. 021 027 92 116 or pia.taosh@gmail.com

Liaison Officer: Andy Barratt. 021 89 00 48 or asbarratt@gmail.com

Treasurer: Tony Rac, racattac@gmail.com


Otago Organics workshops and field day info for 2017-2018 here:

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