Certificate checker

This table details the current certificate holders. Using the tools will allow you to quickly find whatever it is you are looking for:

  • Hide Fields – does exactly that it hides fields in the display
  • Filter – is a powerful feature to select the records you want to see
  • Group allows records to be grouped together e.g. on a regional basis
  • The arrows sort in ascending or descending sequence on whatever field you desire
  • You can alter row height and print the table with the next two items
  • The spyglass allows you to search the tables e.g. need to find who can provide avocados then type in avocado and those records will be highlighted.
  • You can scroll up and down and left and right.
  • Certificates marked: “Renewing”, have technically expired and the producer is in the process of renewing them.

Below the table is a link to display a larger version in a separate window.