The Logo

The OrganicFarmNZ logo is designed to communicate several messages:

This shows the region of the producer. It is there to specifically encourage the consumer to ‘buy local’ and reduce their ‘food miles’.

Producer Number
The producer number is the unique identifier for each producer and is assigned to the producer upon registration¬†¬†– “eg:¬† OFNZ 1234

Certification Status
It takes a producer 3 years to become ‘fully certified’ organic. Technically a producer cannot call their produce ‘organic’ prior to this. Instead they can say that their produce is ‘under conversion’ to organic. The logo conveys the certification status of the produce – of which there are four different levels:
1. “C0 Under Conversion”
2. “C1 Under Conversion”
3. “C2 Under Conversion”
4. “Fully Certified”

Development of the logo

The development of the logo required that:

* The identity should convey some sense of New Zealand identity that appeals to both Maori and Pakeha.
* The identity needs to convey a sense of organics as a holistic expression of nature, rather than a scientific one.
* A mark that is simple and recognisable.

The need for a very simple, recognisable mark that symbolised organics and New Zealand led the designer to explore a circle which is an ‘O’ for organic and a koru.

The koru, which is so well used as an emblem for New Zealand, is derived from a symbol of organic growth – the unfurling fern.

The use fo a spiralling line from the centre of the ‘O’ creates an organic koru shape, which is a symbol of holistic natural growth.

The typography was made unique by running the words together but differentiating them by using a light font for the word ‘farm’.

The designer was Martin Hill Design Ltd, Grey Lynn, Auckland.