Does OrganicFarm suit you?

OrganicFarmNZ certification is designed for small-scale growers supplying the domestic market. Does this suit you?

OrganicFarmNZ certification suits the following scenarios:

  • The average OrganicFarmNZ producer is 10 hectares in size. They range in size from less than a hectare up to 100 hectares.
  • Those Producers supplying the domestic market only – i.e. those not exporting.
  • OrganicFarmNZ suits relatively simple production.
  • OrganicFarmNZ can provide certification for relatively simple processing units.
  • Lifestyle Blocks.
  • Schools, educational providers, community gardens.
  • Cottage industries.
  • Fruit / vegetable / livestock production.
  • Retailers.


OrganicFarmNZ certification does not suit the following scenarios:

  • Those who want to export. We encourage producers to commence their certification through us but move on to another certifier once they are ready to export. Please contact BioGro, New Zealand’s largest certifying body, if you want to export organic produce and products.
  • Complex production and processing.
  • Large scale production units.
  • Large scale processors.
  • Those wanting to to grow biodynamically. We recommend that you talk to the Biodynamic Association of NZ who manage the Demeter certification. Biodynamic farming and growing practices are welcomed within OrganicFarmNZ however.
  • Those with high needs.  OrganicFarmNZ can assist growers into certification – at a low cost. We can provide networking opportunities and organise fieldays. However given our low-cost structure, we cannot provide paid advice or complex technical assistance.

OrganicFarmNZ actively encourages growers to establish organic certification through us. We also encourage our current members to move up to another certifier should they want to export or develop more complex production systems further down the track.

For those wanting to export, OrganicFarmNZ is an ideal beginning point to become certified. However, OrganicFarmNZ was specifically designed to be a domestic (New Zealand) service only. Complying with international regulations are a major cost contributor to other certifiers fees.

We usually know within the first few moments of talking to people if they are better suited to OrganicFarmNZ certification or an alternative certifier. Contact us to see if OrganicFarmNZ is suitable for you.