About Us

OrganicFarmNZ provides organic education and runs an organic certification scheme.

Our main objectives are:

  • Advocate for, uphold and practice the principles of organic gardening and farming;
  • Increase the community’s understanding of the importance of soil’s sustainable fertility – the foundation for the production of organic food and health of all life on the earth;
  • Promote the environmental and human health benefits of organic agriculture to members and the general public alike;
  • Foster and encourage by demonstration and example the practice of organic composting;
  • Meet the needs of consumers who buy certified organic produce/products;
  • Increase the availability of certified organic produce to the public;
  • Assist those who are new to organic growing to learn the principles of organic gardening and farming.
  • To administer, manage and promote a low-cost organic certification system that is accessible to growers nationally.


Our organic certification system is designed to be a low cost for growers supplying the New Zealand market only.  Because our certification system is low-cost, it is accessible for everyone to join including commercial growers, community groups, schools and individuals..

It was established in response to the growing cost of organic certification, the global movement towards local food and the explosion in small-scale farms in New Zealand.

OrganicFarmNZ was established through the aid of a MAF grant to the Soil & Health Association. It was officially launched in November 2002.

We have around 130 Producer members. The average producer is 10 hectares in size (ranging from less than 1 hectare up to 100 hectares).

Support OFNZ

You can support the growth of OrganicFarmNZ by:

* Volunteering with a Regional Group
* Joining a Regional Group
* Making a donation to your Regional Group or the National Office

Thank you for your interest and support of organics in New Zealand.