Central Northland

Regional Body – Central Northland OrganicFarmNZ
Central North OFNZ was established in April 2006.

The main purpose of CNOFNZ is to:

  • Represent organic growers and producers in the region.
  • Provide organic information and support for members.
  • Oversee OFNZ certification in the region.
  • Expanding the commitment to organic principles amongst growers and producers in this region.

Quarterly meetings are held to collectively administer all matters of interest to CNOFNZ.

The CNOFNZ region covers producers in the region between the northern boundary – along a line between Kai Iwi Lakes across to Whakapara; and the southern boundary – along a line between South Kaipara Heads across to Snells Beach.

Fees for producers joining a pod is $240 total annually. An audit of an individual pod member normally occurs once every three years incurs an audit fee and auditor travel costs.
Fees for producers joining as an individual is $240 total annually. Auditor fees [$40] and travel costs are added to this.
Associate or supporting members of the region pay $20 annually.

All enquiries regarding OFNZ should be made to the Chairperson in the first instance.


Certification Manager: Betsy Kettle. (09) 426 4909 or betsykettle@gmail.com

Auditors: Simon Griffiths:  simgriff@gmail.com (09) 372 2034 / Jennifer Kerr /  Korbinian Poschl:  kpvposchl@yahoo.co.nz 027 484 9444

Chairperson:  Rory Fogerty: rory@permakai.nz  (09) 957 0117

Treasurer:  Bob Uhe: r.uhe@xtra.co.nz (09) 426 3588

NCC Representative:  Simon Griffiths.  simgriff@gmail.com.  (09) 372 2034

Certification Committee Members:  Bob Uhe, Rene Archner, Dianne Furniss, Betsy Kettle