Regional Body – OrganicFarmNZ Auckland
OFNZ Auckland was established in 2001. The main purpose of Auckland Region is to encourage, educate and expand organic growing in the area.

It is governed by and administrated by a small group elected by OFNZ members in Auckland.

Regular activities of the group include field trips, get-togethers, and newsletters.


The Auckland region covers producers from Miranda and Tuakau to Snells Beach in the north.


Regional fees for producers joining a pod is $260.

Fees for individual producers joining as an individual are $490.

Processor fees $400 (‘combos’ vary).

Associate or supporting members of the region have free membership.


Certification Manager: Betsy Kettle. (09) 426 4909 or

Auditors: Simon Griffiths: (09) 372 2034 / Jennifer Kerr / Jackie Craymer: /  Korbinian Poschl: 027 484 9444

Chairperson:  Rory Fogerty:  (09) 957 0117

Treasurer:  Bob Uhe: (09) 426 3588

NCC Representative:  Simon Griffiths.  (09) 372 2034

Certification Committee Members:  Bob Uhe, Rene Archner, Dianne Furniss, Betsy Kettle