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The Production Rules as specified in the OrganicFarmNZ – Operational Guidelines, Section 1.1 Standards state that
The Production Rules for OrganicFarmNZ are the same as BIOGRO Modules for Crops, Livestock and Orchard Production and Appendices A-D. These rules apply to all on-farm production and related management practices and the inputs used. If and where it is deemed appropriate by the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) of OrganicFarmNZ derogations and special departures to these productions rules may be made. Such derogations would be detailed as an annex to the OrganicFarmNZ Compliance Procedures and provided as separate annex to the Production Rules. Such derogations would be notified to all producers certified by OrganicFarmNZ as and when they may occur.

The annex to the Compliance Procedures is shown below in this table

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The columns are:

Subject: the name given to the item
Discussion: a summary of the discussion that took place within OFNZ
Decision: a summary of the decision that was arrived at
Biogro ref: a reference to the Biogro  relevant  standard (if any)
Date raised: The date it was raised
Date “decided”: the date it was presented and ratified by the NCC. In many cases there is no formal record of the decision being ratified.
Status: “In Progress” means it is still in discussion and no decision has been ratified; “Permitted” means it is allowed and still needs to be specified in the Inputs Register”; “Restricted” means that before it is allowed into the organic system that permission is sought from the Certification Manager; “Forbidden” means that it is not allowed; “In progress” means the NCC has yet to decide.

NOTE: This has been collated from the current knowledge and discussions available. There is no guarantee that a product mentioned here will never change its status. This happens eg. when new information comes to light, and when the ingredients of the product change. If in doubt ask your Certification Manager

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